RealNetworks Rinse Program is the Worlds BEST iTunes music Organizer for iPhone!

Use RealNetworks Rinse to fix iphone music because it was developed to be the easiest program of it’s kind and it works the fastest to fix and organize messy problems in your iPhone by fixing your iTunes in your computer. It automatically adds beautiful album cover artwork so you can see them on your iTunes and iPhone. If fixes annoying misspelled song names or artist/album names. It removes all those duplicate songs that are taking up so much hard drive space on your computer and when you auto-sync your iPhone you don’t end up with those pesky duplicate songs in your iPhone. Rinse also renames and fixes song genres and a whole bunch of other stuff. RealNetworks Rinse is powered by a smart online digital music database. What this means is that can do the fixes to your music automatically so you don’t have to do any of it yourself by hand.

RealNetworks Rinse program will FIX your iPhone song details!

This powerful program Rinse looks up your song details online automatically into the database and download the correct music and song information and adds it to your music. Then when you sync your iPhone the correct information then transfers to your iPhone! The option is yours to fix songs one at a time and edit the information and details before saving the new info on your songs. If you don’t want to do that then you can let Rinse fix all those messy songs automatically while your at work or sleeping or something.

Rinse has so many OPTIONS!

Rinse was created with you, the busy person in mind. It’s the most advanced and automatic way to edit and fix your iPhone music mp3 tags. Rinse has loads of options so this allows you the user to choose which songs should get fixed, which music will get fixed or which should be left alone, how it should decide which songs are duplicates and whole load of other features. Rinse by RealNetworks is one of a kind and it’s the best of it’s kind of powerful iTunes and iPhone song fixing tool. You are always in control with Rinse!

Rinse by RealNetworks REMOVES your duplicate music and songs from your iPhone.

Think about this when you remove all those duplicate songs in your iTunes it will open up so much hard drive space that’s being taken up by those duplicate songs. When you remove those duplicates you also wont end up syncing them to your iPhone which means you can open space on your iPhone for more music too. Rinse uses a smart matching technology to find music that are duplicates and it will even find duplicates if they have been spelled wrong or with the wrong song information in your iTunes. You can have Rinse choose how it finds those duplicate songs (for example by ignoring albums). You can also choose what you want to do with those space hogging duplicate songs and music. You can mark them to review at a later time or have them deleted immediately and automatically so you can free up hard drive space for more music!

Rinse is the BEST iTunes music genre Organizer around!

Rinse by RealNetworks simplifies the process to organize and reduce all your genres down to simpler ones you want to keep and eliminate ones you don’t need by combining similar genres into one genre. Since you could end up having as many genres as actual songs this makes it useless and overwhelming to browse all that music. Rinse by RealNetworks fixes this, then makes it very easy to browse songs.

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Fix iPhone Music By Fixing Your iTunes Music And Song Library!

You just bought an iPhone and finally sync your favorite songs to your new iPhone but realize that your music is all messed up! There are lots of duplicate songs in your iPhone that don’t really need to be there which are taking up precious space. There are loads of songs that are misspelled or even missing important song information like ARTIST NAME, ALBUM NAME? If this is the case how do you find your favorite artists? You wont be able to find your favorite artists! Other problems in your iPhone could be things like no album cover artwork? Now this is very important because your iPhone is one the best technologies out there and why not take advantage of the technology and have beautiful album cover artwork to look at while listening to your favorite song?

So you love your new iPhone but you hate your music in your iPhone because all your songs are messy and unorganized.

See the image below of the iPhone music without album cover artwork.

You are having this problem with messy and unorganized songs in your iPhone because your songs in iTunes are like this and when you sync your new iPhone to your iTunes then all the problem songs just transfer over to your iPhone. So we must fix this problem in your iTunes to fix it in your iPhone. Make Sense?

Who’s got time to fix these problems by hand? It would take loads of time to do it all by hand one after another. It would take an extremely long time and if you have a large iTunes library it will even take longer. You should fix these problems automatically! Once you fix your iTunes and then sync your iPhone then your songs will be fixed.

See the image below of the iPhone music with beautiful album cover artwork that’s fixed.

Now don’t the album covers look so cool in your iPhone? The iTunes/iPhone fixes don’t stop there.

Here’s the complete list of what this awesome software program will fix for you.

1. Adds beautiful album cover artwork to your iTunes music library and your iPhone

2. Fixes misspelled songs in your iTunes music library and iPhone.

3. Adds missing song info to your iTunes songs and iPhone.

4. Removes duplicate songs in your iTunes music library and iPhone.

Best of all it does this all automatically so you enjoy your new iPhone and not spend time fixing these tedious problems by hand. Try it now for FREE!